Hanuman is not god, he is a devotee-Manoj Muntashir

Manoj Muntashir said- ‘Hanuman is not god,he is a devotee’..

Adipurush has been receiving a lot of criticism for its dialogue , portrayal of gods in a bad manner, unreliable facts and many more things. Manoj Muntashir, who is a co-writer and lyricist of Adipurush, recently defended the lines he wrote for Devdatta Nage’s character of Bajrang (Hanuman) in the film.

A clip has been going viral on the social media of his an interview , in which Manoj called Hanuman a devotee, and not a god. He added that people made him a god because of the power of his devotion. A section of the people who watched the film pointed out the distorted language used by the characters, especially Bajrang. It was criticised heavily for its pedestrian language. Manoj then shared a tweet stating that several lines in Adipurush will be revised and added to the film within this week.

Several clips of the interview were shared online and people severely criticized him. A user said, “He is just making it worse by every word he is saying.” “Can we ban him for good, by going to the news channels, he is damaging the sentiments more,” another said Someone please make him quiet.“There is a difference between simple language and street language and he knows that very well!”

Recently, the Mumbai Police provided security to Manoj after he cited a threat to his life. As per news agency PTI, police escalated patrolling near his Mumbai office and adequate security has been also provided at his residence. “We have received an application from Manoj Shukla and we are providing him security following a threat to his life,” the official said as quoted by PTI, adding that police are investigating the threat angle.

Released on June 16, the movie has already collected over Rs 300 crore worldwide at the box office despite facing backlash due to its poor VFX and cringe dialouges.

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