FIFA World Cup qualifiers: At home away from home, India beat Kuwait 1-0

On the vibrant afternoon of November 8, 2023, the School of Sciences and Humanities organized an expert talk in the prestigious auditorium on the National Education Policy (NEP). The event, hosted by the School of Sciences and Humanities, unfolded as a celebration of knowledge and a collective effort to enhance the ecosystem of higher educational institutions (HEIs).

The highlight of the event was the expert lecture by the distinguished Prof. Rajesh Kr. Dubey, who unravelled the intricacies of the NEP 2020 and its transformative potential for HEIs. His insights provided a roadmap for navigating the nuances of the policy, sparking intellectual curiosity and dialogue among the audience.

This symposium on NEP 2020 was not just a gathering of minds; it was a celebration of collaboration, enlightenment, and the unwavering spirit of academia. As we disperse, the echoes of insightful discussions, shared wisdom, and the commitment to positive change linger, inspiring us to continue our journey towards a brighter future in higher education.

The Hon’ble Chancellor and Vice Chancellor extended a warm welcome to the Chief Guest of the Day, Prof. Rajesh Kumar Dubey. Their motivational words illuminated the significance of the NEP and their commitment to shaping the future of higher education.

The Dean of the School of Sciences and Humanities, Dr. Archana Pandey, welcomed the Hon’ble Chancellor, Chief Guest, Vice Chancellor, and all invited participants and introduced the objectives of the National Education Policy.

The students of the School of Sciences and Humanities skilfully performed an enchanting performance, setting a serene ambiance.

The event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks from Sukhman Randhawa, expressing gratitude to all dignitaries, speakers, faculty, and students for their collective contribution to the event.

In a moment of unity and patriotism, the audience stood together for the National Anthem, concluding the event on a harmonious and proud note.

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